Vanessa’s First Mission Update

Hello All! This is the first “blog post” from Vanessa. Enjoy! – Lisette

The first day was such a whirlwind! Within 30 min of being dropped off, I was in a classroom with a teacher and 11 other missionaries, speaking only Chinese! We were introducing ourselves and asking where each other were from and then going on their mission. It was so good and so refreshing! I picked it up pretty quickly (basic Chinese, y’know, is like riding a bike) and was glad to see that most others in our class (district or di4qu4) also had previous Chinese experience. Now that things have settle and we’ve gotten to know each other (in English) the break down looks like this: three of us at the top of the class (one ABC, one ABK, but with two years of Chinese under her belt, and me), the bulk of the class with a few semesters behind them and a good grasp on study techniques, and a few with no prior experience. However, the few with no Chinese are such dilligent students and will quickly surpass Chen, Kang, and I if we don’t buckle down here shortly.

Sometime later that day (they all run together, really) all the new missionaries gathered and had a mini-devotional from the MTC Presidency. Turns out we are the FIRST class in all the MTCs in all the World to start Day 1 with the New Curriculum, or Full Immersion. You could feel the hope and responsibility settle on all 497 of us missionaries. I’ve been writing constantly — almost incessantly — in my journal. I don’t leave  home with out it. Every time you turn around in this place one of two things is happening: something incredibly ridiculous (usually involving Elders) or something incredibly spiritual. It’s straight up amazing.

I have a “blog post” planned for y’all based on a list of Gifts of the Holy Ghost from our MTC Fireside the other night, but that’s gonna have to wait. 😀


One thought on “Vanessa’s First Mission Update

  1. Randy Pruett says:

    Hey there, this is Randy from the hardware store.. I just found out you had this blog.. We were at carters today and I was askin if they had heard from you and Lori told me about this page.. Hope everthang is goin great out there.. I miss seein you at the range.. No one else has your personalty and charm.. I would comment on what you got goin out there but I don`t know didly bout it.. I know you`re helpin others and expandin that brain of yours.. Maybe you`ll have time to send me a message or two. I would really like to hear from you.. Then then, best of luck in this venture..
    Handy Randy

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