Feiji qu!

I found this email to be quite enjoyable. I hope you like it. –Lisette

I´m winging it today…. however, there´ve been some Russians at this keyboard again…. so I´m apologizing for any weird punctuation now. 😉

Receiving travel plans was literally like packing all the Christmas mornings into 10 seconds. Hopes, dreams, desires, fears, nerves, all of it. Combatting “senioritis” has been, as a Zone, our biggest struggle. All we want is to sit with our teachers and absorb their knowledge, funny stories, and testimonies of missionary life, people of Taiwan, and the Gospel. Thankfully, they’ve felt this and obliged us during “Coaching Missionary Study Time.”

It’s strange to be reflecting on a week that hasn’t happened yet, but here at the MTC we enjoy reordering the cosmos from time to time. I’m flipping through my planner, realizing how well-used and well-loved it is. That’s the sign of a dedicated missionary, I feel, how ridiculous the inside of their planner looks. 😀 It’s teeming with tidbits of wisdom, funny memories, and insights into the Atonement of Jesus Christ. In fact, maybe that’s what we’ll do today! Here’s a brief list of things I’ve learned from the MTC:
Believe people when they tell you NOT to drink the orange juice.
19 year olds are the best missionaries. They’re just ridiculous enough that you can’t help but love them, and spiritual enough to preach the Gospel.
Companionships are not friendships, but a good companion is more essential to your well-being than all of your friends combined.
Keeping the Holy Ghost with you at all times, in all things, and in all places is exhausting. Rewarding, but exhausting.
Teachers at the MTC are a cut above. Thank you Brother Prier, Brother Evans, Sister Fan, and Brother Mix. 😀
Mail will make your break your day. (hint hint!)
Never before have I ever looked forward to running a mile in the middle of the day, not showering, and getting back into church clothes.
Stress management is as essential as personal study in the MTC.
“Be careful about being misled by people who think they can read your mind. That priviledge is left to deity.”
Certain corrections of our course need to be made. But don’t get bogged down by your weaknesses.
Prayer happens at least 20 times a day here for a reason. You need it.
If you can’t read the text on a missionary’s tag, your only reaction should be one of awe. They’ve survived 12 weeks at the MTC. A miracle.
Your family, regardless of where you are, is connected with you. They know when you’re struggling and can help you.
Weekly temple attendance will change your life! Go. Go often.
Pure gold does not fear the refiner’s fire. You are all pure gold. — Chad Lewis
PMG is revelatory. How to begin Teaching is incredible. Read it, study it. If you’ve had someone in the MTC recently, steal their “fundamentals book.” It’ll unlock all the keys to PMG. 😀
This is the best work in the world. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing something wrong. Fix it and move on.
Pain that comes from Repentance will always be significantly less than pain that comes from satisfying the demands of justice.
You were called by a Prophet of God and assigned by an Apostle of the Lord. When you can’t trust anything else, trust in your call.
I know God is our Heavenly Father, that He loves us and wants to bless us. In order to preserve our greatest gift, though, we have to seek these blessings. God’s provided a way for us to return to live with Him, to progress eternally, but we have to access these blessings ourselves. We do this through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He overcame physical and spiritual death for us. Through prayer and diligent scricpture study, we can better understand the Atonment, how it works, and how we can use it in our daily lives. I love this Gospel and I know this church is truly Christ’s church on the earth today. Thomas S. Monson is God’s prophet, receives revelation for us and confirms the personal revelation we receive each day. I say this humbly in Christ’s name. Amen.

Sister Oler


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