kan de chu lai, ma?

Ok. I’m gonna sound like a legit Sister Missionary for a minute. Hang on: This week has been miracles! Lots and lots and lots of miracles!

Yeah. Ok. I’m done. Here’s the scoop — We just spent the day (yes, a P-day, though it is raining, so NBD) at an invstigator’s house, making Taiwanese food. Mom, you’d be so proud of me. I made legit Mapo Tofu by myself. This investigator is legitly golden, but headed to China for a week… so we wanted to see her before she left. She was pretty difficult to teach at first… just no desire. She was doing all the right things (came to Conference AND Stake Conference… when’s the last time you did that?), but we could tell her heart wasn’t quite in it. Then, one night she showed up to a lesson and as we sang “I am a Child of God” I could tell something was different. Couldn’t tell though, whether it was good different or bad different…. turns out it was good! She went on to describe how she prayed, received an incredibly powerful answer that God does exist and that she is His child. She also told us her mother died when she was young, but she knows she’ll see her again. Up to that point, we’d not even brought up the Plan of Salvation at all. I told you — Golden. In the MTC Brother Heaton always told us — ‘Never forget you have a front row seat to the greatest show in the universe, the changing of the human heart.’ Well, Brother Heaton. I’m happy to report I’ve seen it and I didn’t miss it. Wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Because she lives in Shezi (an area a little further out that Sisters normally go…. no idea why. Sister Missionaries are still a bit of a mystery to me), Tan JM and I decided we needed to find other things to do while in Shezi. We took an afternoon where we had no teaching appointments and headed out to do some exploring. Turns out it was a Buddhists Birthday of some kind, so the whole town was decked out in lanterns and incense. Super cool and gave us a great feel for the community, the important people and shops, and what’s bu xing and what’s not. We’ve got an action plan now and are in Shezi at least twice a week. Since we made that decision, several people have come out of the wood work. Part-member families who need some attention, recently baptized members who could also use some support, etc. Miracle? Yes.

Also… because I’m somewhat of a control freak, I’ve taken it up on us (my poor Tan JM!) to go through a STACK of old records and sort for potential investigators. This took us two hours (haha… Comp Study suddenly became more useful), but we have a list of 20 people (some families) who gained a testimony of some aspect of the Gospel, then suddenly disappeared. It’s time for them to be reminded of that testimony, don’t ya think? We also realized most of these people were last contacted by Elders. It’s time for some “you ban fa” Sisters to give it a shot. 😉 On top of that, we found another 20 English Class referrals that have yet to be contacted. Don’t remember which MTC teacher told me this, but it’s true: treat each phone number like gold. So, we are! And it’s paying off.

Oh. Something fun y’all will enjoy. I introduced myself in the Tian Mu ward this last Sunday. Yes. Me. In front of the Congregation. Talking about myself. In Chinese. Scared me half to death and I was a bawling mess when I said “I still don’t speak Chinese very well, but I know God helps me every day understand your language, your lives, and your struggles.” Next Sunday is Fast Sunday and I’ll get to do that in the ShiLin ward, too. We’ll see if I can’t keep the tears under control. Aiyo…..

Tomorrow, Tan JM are taking our turns heading up to Jin Hua Jie to give Temple Tours. That’ll be interest and completely different, than the hot, sweaty mess we’ve been in ShiLin so far. We’ll see how it goes…. and then the week after that, I’m going on Exchanges in NeiHu for the first time. Zao gao! Next week’s letter will be infinitely more intersting, I promise. Ah! Also, I’m apologizing in advance. No photos yet. I forgot to take my cords with me to our investigator’s house, and we just stopped by the Internet Cafe before heading home… sorry! But, I promise: I’m still alive and post cards are going in the mail on Wednesday.

I love you all! God loves you all! Can you tell? (kan de chu lai, ma?)

Sister Oler


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