P-day in the ROC! <– Yes, Miley Cyrus Inspired

Hey everyone! I’m sorry there haven’t been pictures on the last 5 or 6 posts. I have to scan the ones she has sent me then I’ll get them up here. Lisette


I don’t know how life could get much better? Truly and honestly. I’ve done some crazy fun things in my life… but never before have I been so incredibly happy! Sometimes I wonder if I’ll wake up from this dream. I hope not…

President Grimley often says “In Taiwan, it’s good and hot, good and rainy, or good and windy. But no matter what, it’s always good.” And that was the story of this week. Had two of my favorite investigators tell me they had no time to continue meeting. Got completely soaked. Nearly died (I’m pretty sure all bus drivers are inherently blind… but that’s a topic for another day). Found a huge cockroach. …. the list goes on. But Sunday rolled around and the sun was out, our investigators were at church with their families, Vivien passed her Xili Miantan, and an eternal investigator finally told her husband she’s getting baptized…. before Tan Jiemei goes home! Is there a better way to go into P-day? I submit there is not.

Two things are on the docket for today: 1) shopping, shopping, shopping. My dear trainer is headed home next transfer and has, indeed, procrastinated the day of her souvenier shopping. So we’re cramming it into two days and spending the rest of her P-days visiting old areas and favorite converts. This means lots of travel and lots of food. We’ve set a goal to get referals from everyone so we can actually make use of this time. That’s my job, apparently! 2) Foster some district unity. We just got an area added to our district. They’ve been bouncing around and have this “lost puppy” look about them whenever I see them at trainings. So, when we found out they were going to be in our district…. my first instinct was, of course!, to throw a party! And we’re doing just that. There’s a mom-and-pop pizza place around the corner from our JiaoTang which has really nice brick-oven pizza. Where there’s food, there’s a way. Then, we’re doing some fun stuff and some spiritual stuff. Also, asked today if we could get some caroling action going on the first week in December. More or less…. through example, we’re teaching Elders how to be better leaders. *angel halo* Did I just say this outloud? Ah well.

As for a spiritual fenxiang — teach where you find and find where you teach. That’s been Tan Jiemei and I’s motto this week. From stairwells, to McDonald’s, to drenched sidewalks, to a bridge that may or may not have been outside our area (you’re welcome, Shipai!). There are people everywhere. And the simple fact that they, too, are God’s children makes them worth your time and energy. They might not be prepared now, but even the smallest interaction you have with them will bring them that much closer. In Asia, on average it takes seven encounters with missionaries before someone is baptized. Some of those encounters are short, sweet, and on the street, Some of them are months and months of teaching. Doesn’t matter. You could be encounter number 1 or number 7. Doesn’t matter. Just open your mouth. No effort is wasted.

And that’s another lovely week in Taiwan!

I love you! I know God loves you!

Sister Oler


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