hen leng!

Hello All! I’m still working on the whole pictures thing. Lisette

Well, people. I laughed at all y’all when you told me this six months ago… but it is finally cold in Taipei! Don’t worry parents, I’m still warm. Don’t worry friends, I’m still stylish. 😀

And, honestly, that’s been the highlight of this week. Both Tan Jiemei and I are at a loss on how to characterize the events of this week. It’s been quite a bit of eating and finding. Gen Guonian hen leisi! We are moving into her last week on Island which is bittersweet. I promise not to get too mushy (mostly because she’ll be reading this in a week or so), but I will miss this girl. She’s provided an example of what it takes to be a missionary that no one else — not the MTC, not former missionaries, not Preach My Gospel — could ever touch. To add to the weirdness, we’ve been down at the Bu nearly every day. Which means lots of missionaries reminding her she’ll be going home in a week. More so than the end of this transfer, Tan Jiemei going home marks a significant moment in my mission. My trainer is leaving me and I’ll be more or less a bon-a-fide missionary.

Needless to say, this week has been one for reflection and pingu-ing. I can feel change in the air and part of me is shying away from it, more like running away from it if I’m honest. The other (thankfully, larger) part of me feels the need for the change. Rumors are swirling, but mostly confirmed, that I’ll have a Native companion next. This will be at once the biggest challenge I’ve yet to face and the greatest blessing. My Chinese has been hai hao so far and I’ve made it from one thing to the next… but still a large part of my daily interactions are in English. That will ultimately change with a Native companion and will force me to focus on what needs to happen. So, as of this morning’s personal study, I took a deep breath, said the most earnest prayer of my life, and feel good about what’s coming. Jia you!

Best distraction from that, though, was the Nativity performance put on by the English Ward this weekend. Props to them — the whole thing was legit! Shetland pony for Mary and everything. 90+ freezing missionaries belting out With Wondering Awe was a sight to behold as well. Hahah! Thank you, everyone who had a hand in that!

We’ve seen our fair share of miracles this week — mostly in the form of people we haven’t seen in a long time showing up somewhere random. My favorite investigator who had to take a break from us for a while because of the stress of a new job came to the Nativity. She’s fantastic and it was so good to see her again. Like seeing your best friend after a long time! We’ve been taking care of some of the Elder’s investigators for the last few days (poor kids are sick!) which has also been fun and I think good for them to see a different approach to the Gospel…. mostly because at the center of every missionary is the Gospel. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ is unchanging.

So, there you go! We’ll see if I can find some sweet photos for you to kan yi xia. 😀

Love ya!

Sister Oler


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