Mei Yi Ci — Qiji

Fire? Sounds like fun. Lisette

This week was all over the map. Bookended by two holidays, there was a fair share of thinking about home and life before and after the mission. No trunkiness, promise! Just contemplation. That was strangely accompanied by an overwhelming sense of not having accomplished anything. I’ve been here for two months and as I looked around at the state of my area, I felt like I’d just arrived yesterday. My Chinese is still hai hao. Our investigator pool hasn’t changed. Finding is still difficult. Etc. Etc. Etc. To say the least, it was not a pleasant nor productive train of thought.

Sunday, I was a mess. Luckily, one of the guys in my English class came to church. He’s a member, but usually attends the Danshui Ward. Just seeing him reminded me of last weeks’ English class. I shared about missionary work, answering questions about what a missionary is and does, why we need missionaries, etc. He asked me, “Have you seen any miracles so far?” I stopped to think… my first thoughts drifted towards big miracles like baptisms or golden contacts, etc. I came up with a few of those, but as I thought a little longer, I realized the truth of the matter. And this is what I shared with him: “Every time I open my mouth, someone understands what I’m saying, and they stop to listen — even for a second — THAT is a miracle.”

So, I quit crying and pulled myself together for the rest of the meetings. After church was over, several people approached me and updated me on challenges we’d been working though together — one girl buckling down and seeing the Bishop for a temple reccommend interview, one guy realizing that going to Institute every week helps him study more productively, another kid showed me his final English exam — 98%! I said a quick “gan an” prayer and thanked God for letting me see the impact I’ve made in people’s lives. In Conference this (last!? Woe… it IS 2012) year, one of the speakers said, “The love and kindness you show people are significant messages.” I know this is true — because heaven knows it’s not my Chinese ability that is communicating here. Haha!

The rest of this week, Gao Jiemei and I have been focusing on formers. That means organizing records, cleaning out the phone, making daily-contact calendars, etc. Miracles! Gao Jiemei put me in charge of calling formers. We’d have it on speaker phone so she could translate anytime I looked lost. After each conversation, we did a 30 second evaluation of my Chinese. It was great! Over the course of an hour, we got four set ups for this week and a dozen other interested people. We decided my speciality was going to be the phone… and she said, “You’re going to be every Senior Companion’s dream.”

Today, we’re headed out to do some fun touristy type things today…. finally! And, geng hao, Taiwan is DECKED out for Guonian. Everything is red and gold and covered in dragons. That’s right. The Dragon Year. The year of the Rabbit was good for me, calm and balanced, allowed me to find myself. Now, it’s time to kick it into gear. Time to breath some fire and get work done. Amen! 😀


Sister Oler


One thought on “Mei Yi Ci — Qiji

  1. I’m glad that you recognize the miracles that are happening in your life and touching other people. You are a very special daughter of our Heavenly Father!!!

    I have my Chinese New Year decorations up! Yah year of the Dragon…

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