Ni fong diaole… shi black

WordPress is being grumpy so no pictures today. Lisette

Mostly, I have no idea what to tell y’all today. When I look back on this week, it seems like an eternity. Started out rough (as you could probably tell by last week’s email) but through a good, stern talking-to a set of exchanges with a former Coordinating Sister of mine, Temple tours, and some elbow grease, this week is one of the best so far. Yang Jiemei and I experienced the full spectrum of emotions this week… and saw plenty of miracles. What more do you expect from a couple of Sister Missionaries in the Suburbs of Taiwan? 😉

Exchanges to Tao2 were great — proved to myself that I did know how to be a missionary. Really kickstarted this week’s “nuli” in a good way. 😀 Meng Jiemei and I set about playing The Game (thank you, Gao Jiemie) and saw the same results: everyone we came in contact with either had previous contact with the Gospel, or had been searching for “an answer” their whole life. We asked to find very specific people and we did it. At dinner, we actually ran into a member who’s headed out to Japan to serve a full-time mission next week and a new convert. Our conversation was further proof that when you’re moving earnestly and honestly in the right direction, God has the ability to steer you where He needs you.

English class was incredible … a record 23 people! Yang Jiemie and I caught the Elders and the Travelling Assistants peeking in our door, wondering what we were doing that produced such results. Mostly, we decided it was taking English class seriously, like you would treat any other opportunity to teach the Gospel. It also helps that Yang Jiemie’s major is English and I’m pretty handy with a large group. Between the two of us, we’ve got a good system down… vocab, grammar, pronunciantion, conversation practice, a game, and a spiritual thought. I love it!

Thursday we headed into Taipei. Lemme tell you how weird that was. I still love the place, but the feeling was different. Like going to visit a city you used to live in — you remember all the good times, but somewhere in the back of your head you know your home is somewhere else. Coming back into Tao Yuan that night felt like coming home. I needed that. I’m here now, both body and soul.

Church was a great miracle! Everyone who needed to be at church WAS! Thank heaven! It’s so nice to see people progressing and helping them recognize that they are, in fact, progressing. Last night, we visited a part member family and held a Family Home Evening. We shared Lehi’s Dream (1 Nephi 8) and had a mini-testimony meeting about what kind of difference those who’ve been baptized see in their lives. The sister and the dad (not yet been baptized) also testified to the noticable difference — more peace, more love, more harmony. It was a beautiful evening — and we played a personalized version (thank you to Yang Jiemie’s art skills) of Snakes and Ladders. 😀

That’s probably gotta be the theme of today — when you get bogged down, take a moment to look back and see how far you’ve come. Strangely, that reminds me of a Conference talk. Go look it up and read it.

I love you all!! Thank you for the letters! Keep it up!

Sister Oler

PS This morning’s companionship study testified, again, how much Yang Jiemie and I are the same person…. she’s just Asian and further through the refinement process than I am. I love that girl so much and will probably cry my heart out in two weeks when she goes home. No doubt, her hometown is first up on my list of places to go after my mission.


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