yun xiao fei che …

I can’t wait for her email this week. I told her about my college experiences! –Lisette

This week …. yes, has been a rollercoaster. Both in terms of weather, in terms of missionary work, in terms of mission politics…. everything. But, the good news is this: the Atonement is real. And it, even better, it works. The sun is shining here in Tao Yuan and in my soul. A Chen Jiemei got baptized and confirmed last weekened, we have several investigators well on their way to passing the Baptismal Interview, and next week we’ll be in Taibei for 4 days…. aiyo!

Last night we went to Guishan and to Ming Quan University (quite a ride, ps. From our house it takes about 30/45 minutes). Definitely made it their in 20. :/ We received a phone referal from the Yilan missionaries for a Zhang Jiemei, student, and former investigator. We found her last night and had a good talk about what the missionaries had previously shared and her expectations going forward. As we talked, I realized something strange. My companion realized it at the same time, and turned to me … “Actually, my companion is a good example of why you need the Gospel, especially in College.” I found myself sharing how lost and ungrounded I felt in college… always searching for happiness, ended up just having fun, but it not really satisfying me. So I keep looking… every weekend, every party, etc. Zhang Jiemie was nearly in tears — that’s exactly how she felt. I testified to her that eternal happiness, self-confidence, and real purpose in life IS possible. That comes only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through Baptism, but also through continuing to do the things you KNOW you’re supposed to be doing. By committing yourself to being obedient. God wants to bless you, but He can’t force blessings on you…. you have to work for them.

And that, friends, is what I was reminded of this week. Work is required. When your life feels like a mess, when it’s completely out of control….. it’s because you’re not doing what we already know we should be doing. If you don’t know how to work — that’s okay. A desire to work is all that’s required. God will teach you how and where and when… but the why is this: God loves you. He has a plan for you. He wants to share that plan with you, but you won’t receive it until you’re prepared. Daily prayer. Scripture study. Church attendance. That’s how you prepare. Doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, how huai (bad) or good you are…. we all have room for improvement. Thank heaven!

So…. Yang Jiemei and I are headed out to have fun today, and tonight at 6pm, we’ll be back to work. I love this Gospel and I love this life. I experienced the coldest week Taiwan has seen in a long time… on a bike, in a skirt…. but I had a smile on my face the whole time. Crazy? Nope. Just know who I am and where I’m going.

Much love from Taiwan!

Sister Oler


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