Ahhhh…. another one bites the dust.

Today is my last day with Yang Jiemei before she heads home. Yes, I cried. I’ll probably cry some more later today… Moves calls were uneventful because of the inevitability of Yang Jiemie leaving and me staying in Tao Yuan. Found out my new companion is a Lin Jiemie, though, which was good to know! I’ve met her a few times… she’s short. Taiwanese. Wears glasses. And even the other natives tell me her English is “hai hao” … so this transfer there will be next to no Chinglish, only real Chinese. Hahah! We’ve talked a few times on the phone already, and she understands my rough Chinese… so it should actually be great! 😀

In other news…. uh…. there really isn’t a whole lot. It’s not even been a week since I last emailed. And the bulk of that was taken up preparing Yang Jiemei for home. I will tell you I’m kind of excited to have a companion who is not knocking on “death’s” door. So far, every single one of my companions have been on their last or second-to-last transfer. This means two things: 1) they are all incredible missionaries 2) they are all incredibly trunky.

Trunky, for those of you not in the know, is a term given to missionaries who are missing home or so close to the end of their mission that they are more focused on home than they are on their mission. I’ve heard it comes from days-of-old when we all lived out of trunks instead of suitcases… 😀 Traditionally, trunkiness is a bad thing and never a label you want applied to yourself. Recent experience supplied a bit different perspective. I submit that every single missionary gets trunky. Trunkiness manifests itself in a myriad of ways. For example, the lovely Tan Jiemei was “Denial Trunky.” I had to remind her she was going home :D… in fact, I don’t think it really hit her until her exit interview with President. Thankfully, none of my companions have been the typical trunky, which is a complete loss of desire to do missionary work. Yay for sisters! 😀

However, in the natural course of things, a missionary’s last few weeks are spent preparing to leave the Island, leave the mission boundaries, and leave mission life. Packing, applying for readmission to university, saying final goodbyes, etc. It takes time and energy. It’s a short-term viewpoint. And after three transfers of it, I’m ready for a change. My new companion is only a few transfers ahead of me and I think that will be a nice pace… with the inevitable horizon a little further out.

To my lovely companions who already are and/or will be reading this in a few weeks… don’t worry. I still love you! You were all beautiful, dedicated missionaries, but I think you understand. *hugs* Oh yeah! And to all those fun teachers in the MTC: it’s weird seeing your photos in member’s bye-bye books. Trippy to say the least.

One last note…. a shout out to my Texans! I met a fellow Texan last night at a going-away-party the Singles threw for Yang Jiemei. It was great to hear that Texas Twang again. And…. even better… he’s totally been to and loves Carter’s. Good work, y’all! We may or may not have sung some Tim McGraw while he played the guitar. It was hilarious and kind of strange to feel at home again. Trunky? HAHA! Nope. Just dejavu. 😀

I love y’all. I love this Gospel. Thank you for your letters. I should be writing you back shortly, as the next few weeks are forecasted to return to rather dull p-days. 😉 If you haven’t visited mormon.org recently, you should do it. Regardless of what you believe, it’s a sweet website.

Yours, all the way from Taiwan,

Sister Oler


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