wo yao qiji!

The first fruits of repentance is baptism… and sometimes that’s your repentance and someone else’s baptism. 😉

Yes, kids, last week one of our investigators was baptized! It’s strange at the beginning, you think you know who “your baptism” is going to be that Transfer. But it never is. This Sister surprised me and even up to her interview, I wasn’t quite sure she was ready. On the one hand, you should always have faith in your Investigator’s faith. On the other hand, you need to be realistic. Baptism is a serious thing and a covenant with God. I prayed for her and I prayed for me to know what to do about this uneasiness. Apparently something worked. We met with her a few days before her baptism and she told us the most incredible story. On her interview day, she herself was still up in the air about whether baptism right now was too fast or not. She prayed for answers… and got them. Between finding a Book of Mormon in the library, having her kids ask her randomly about what baptism was, and her travel plans to Huan Lien that weekend fall through she realized what God was trying to tell her: get baptized! Her traditionalist husband even raised no concerns nor protests. Just goes to show: when something’s right, the world will get in line to make it happen. Miracles!

One of my favorite investigators right now is the dad of a family we’re teaching. He’s an incredibly deep thinker and he alone has provided motivation for me to finish Phase One, to really take language study seriously just so I can have more philisophical conversations with him. Unfortunately, he’s thinking himself out of a testimony. On the flip side, we received a referral from the Bade Elders last week. They met a lady on the street and set her up to come to church on our side of town. She came early, met with us, set a baptismal goal, attended all three hours of church, and is meeting with us twice a week. Her lessons are incredible — she has an open heart and mind, but doesn’t just nod in agreement. She asks questions that reflect her desire to understand and believe. That, kids, is what a prepared person looks like. I do love my deep-thinking-dad, but there’s nothing I can do to help him progress passed the point he’s at. He has to be willing to believe the basics first, then answers to deeper questions will come.

In other news — pretty sure the most important thing I learned before my mission was to drive a stick shift. Why? Well, makes biking up and down hills much easier. You can feel when it’s time to change gears… shift up and down and absolutely fly. Pretty sure I’m the fastest Sister in Tao Yuan, if not the mission. Although, Jiang Jiemei would argue the Hua Lien girls could give me a run for my money. 😉

These last two weeks have been a crazy mess. Back to back meetings in Taibei… which is fun, but still an hour and a half away. Leaves no time for studies. You can feel the difference. So,if you’re in the Field and struggling with enjoying your studies, I’ll trade you. Ugh. That being said, our meetings have been incredible. Temple Training, Zone Conference, Special Training, etc. I’m always impressed with the Assistants in our mission, and I finally came to appreciate the Zone Leaders in Tao Yuan. We’ve had our differences this Transfer, but at Zone Conference I learned to love them. As a result, this week’s District Meeting and random encounters in the chapel have been pleasant. Thank heaven!

On that note — I’m headed to the Temple! I’ll be attending the Chinese session with my companion. Whoohoo! Wish me luck. 😉

Sister Oler


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