Wisdom is acquired by experience, not just age….

This was from last week. I’m way late oh well…. Lisette

But sometimes your age is what really shows.

Whoever first made the analogy between having investigators and small children gets the literature award of the century. It’s proven itself an infalliable analogy… to the extent that I have WHITE hair (no joke) now. Lots of them! Springing up like daisies! Aiyo. I’m so old.

Speaking of old. Shout out to my little sister (who is taller than me). Her birthday is this weekend and she’ll be turning 18. While she’s LDS and won’t be partaking in too many things she can legally do at that age… she will be voting. And that’s the best birthday present you could give yourself. Hearing about the US election from Taiwanese on the street, and then being on Island for the Taiwan Election made me appreciate more and more the rights and priveleges we have in democratic countries. If you live in a country that lets you vote, do NOT take it for granted. Apathy is dumb. Get smart. Get involved. Go vote.

Well… let’s jump off that soap box and onto another one: the Temple. Saturday was Tao 1/3’s Ward Temple day. It also happened to be my companion and I’s turn at going into Taibei to head up the Temple Square Tours for the day. In addition to the incredible miracles we always see through Temple Tours, there was an added bonus of seeing my Ward members coming and and out of the Temple. Whether they were Young Men and Young Women, or parents, or singles, or families being sealed for the first time…. it didn’t matter. They all had the same glow about them, the same confidence that God is their Father in Heaven. He knows them, and is helping them out. They all face challenges in their personal lives — and most of which, I’m accutely aware of as a missionary — but because they were all willing to sacrifice time on a Saturday to serve others God blessed them. He took their stress from their sholders and gave them a renewed sense of self, more power to face the challenges of the world. So, people. If you don’t have a Temple recommend, go get one. If you have one, and don’t use it… repent. Go to the Temple. Go often. I say this to investigators all the time: God also has to obey commandments. That commandment is not forcing things upon you, even if they are good things. If you want blessings, you have to ASK for them. If you want extra spiritual strength, you have to GO to the Temple. It’s as simple as that.

In lighter news — we went to a theme park last week for pday. It was legit. And we were all wiped. Today we are all hanging out at the chapel, recovering, and making smoothies. Next weekend is General Conference (thank you to those of you who sent me the previews… I’m pumped!) and next Pday is Banjia Tian. I expect to still be in Tao Yuan, and probably still with Lin Jiemei. We both have this feeling and both feel great about it.

Love you all!

Hua Sheng Jiemei

Ps — Nami got baptized!! And Yang Jiemie came up from Pin Dong for her Confirmation. Yesterday was a riot at church, pretty much. She brought me some of the first fruits of the season… and they were delicious. Who is excited for Summer in Taiwan!? Me.

Pps — Also saw a bunch of Tian Mu members at the Temple, which was way fun. It’s a strange feeling, having parts of your family sprinkled all over an Island in the Pacific. 😀

Ppps — Sorry this was really disjointed. I’m recovering from an ear infection and still kind of under the influence of my medicine. Next week should be much clearer. Mmmaybe.


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