Members, Monsoons, and Mediation

Let’s start here… this is part of an email I received from a friend today. And it pretty much saved my life…. powerful and I’d like to share parts of it with y’all. This friend started by listing off things that have changed since they last wrote me, and ended up at some incredibly profound spiritual truths. Here you go:

I got group — when I show up as an individual in a group, I have no power in the group. When I show up only in the mindset of “I am everyone in this group and I am responsible for the entire group,” then I have power at the level of the group.

I got the atonement — anything is possible. The future has no limitations. Agency is our gift. The kingdom of God is within us — our potential has no bounds. As Jesus’s sacrifice is infinite and eternal, so now is the horizon of our lives.

I got my word — that it is a vehicle of creation. What I say becomes what I and others around me have. And God said, “let there be light, and there was light.” And Gordon B Hinckley said, “Let there be a conference center, and there was.” I say, “let there be joy, and there is.” And I say, “let there be a relationship, and there is.” And I say, “let there be fun, and there is.” And I say, “let there be forgiveness, and there is.” And I say, “let there be love in my family, and there is.”

So too, you may say, “let the members find and invite” and “let the people around me connect with God” and “let people put themselves in Joseph Smith’s shoes and wonder what were possible with revelation” and “let people distinguish the voices of the world and inherited conversations of culture from the voices of their divine souls and the voice of The Spirit”

…and it shall be.

Take a moment to acknowledge everything you have done and are doing in Taiwan. Acknowledge yourself as the cause and the source of those results. Yes, God and His Christ made it possible. And they gave you the gift to create and do it. It is your work and by your doing. You think those successes would have happened just then the way they did if you hadn’t been there and did what you did? Fuhgetaboutit! You are causing major shifts in the world! You and you as Companionship and you as Mission are causing them! Thanks be to God for blessing us with so much power. Our joys are His joys.

This week was really rough. And I have no qualms about telling y’all this… mostly because the entire Mission already knows. Exchanges were good, but led to a sit down meeting with my Coordinating Sister and my Companion… during prime proselyting hours. Had to call President for permission on that one, which was kind of funny. The results have been good, but not pretty. Tough love is just that. Tough love. It all comes from a loving place, but more often than not it feels like a smack in the face. Yesterday was kind of a melt down in the middle of Church… which is always fun because Members all know what’s going on. My inner public relations meter was red-lining the whole time.

Zhongdian shi…. forget yourself and go to work. If you think you’re the bee’s knees. You aren’t. There’s still plenty of places you can improve in. If you think you’re not good enough, I ask you: “Where is your faith?” If your faith is in God and the power of Christ’s Atonement, the sky is the limit. Just speak it, and it will be so. 😀

I love you all. I know this Gospel is true… and sometimes, the most important work you can do is help your companion get out of his or her own way and remind them that they TOO are a child of God and of inherent divine worth.

Yours, as always,

Hua Sheng Jiemei


One thought on “Members, Monsoons, and Mediation

  1. Mary says:

    Vanessa …

    Think of you often and pray for your success.

    While doing my 1st 15 mile bike rude I passed a couple of guys on bikes…. Actually the bikes were on the ground and they were taking a break, nearly sundown. I smiled and road past, got 1/2 a mile UP the the road and turned around, thinking that I would stop and offer a word of encouragement. Whew …. What a ride … Ended up working hard to catch up to them.

    Introduced myself and told them of my young friend …. In Taiwan … No English … Happy … They were riding in a gated community of million dollar homes, no stray dogs or stray people, they were working a list of members who stopped attrending services …. Way too easy…. I told them about a young man lost, in alcohol, feeling unloved and unworthy of love or successes in life. Told them where to find him in the afternoon (in their territory) then showed them a picture of Travis.

    I did not plan this. It just struck me how lame that they were only working a list … Electronically and by phone and cold calls to addresses ….. Thought about a real challenge
    For them. I pray that this whole thing was not random.

    He needs saving from himself.

    Oh … Faith is trying to Enlist in the Air Force… Nothing in stone yet, got to get past her previous issue with thyroid and take test on wednesday of this week … Pray for her situation. Please.

    Take care of yourself and much love to you Vanessa.

    Stay the course ….

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