Cookies and Canadians.

Ok. Sounds like a week full of Western things, but not really. This Canandian is actually Taiwanese, but spent several years in Canada and is awesome. She went to a friends wedding at the Temple in Canada and she’s meeting with us to better understand what went down. πŸ˜€ We also got invited to a baking activity by the singles. Turns out our Canadian’s secret love is baking things… also turns out none of the Taiwanese singles we were hanging out with know a thing about baking. So it all ended in a great place. πŸ˜€

Every time we turned a corner this week, Dai Jiemei and I had it confirmed to us why we’re still here and still together. Not only is it good for the two of us, but nearly every single one of our investigators who’s knocking on the door of the baptismal font ran into huge challenges this week. Having to deal with that and getting to know a new missionary would have been do-able, but probably more stressful than needbe. The beginning of this week, a Hong Jiemie hadn’t been answering her phone. But we still called her every day and left her cute voicemail messages. Thursday she called us and asked if we could meet right then. Turns out, we could! She told us she’d been crying for four days straight and couldn’t figure out why. Checked up on her daily prayer and scripture reading. Both were hai hao and she made the connection. The back half of that week was a wonderful series of miracles God had been setting up for months and she even got up on Sunday and shared her testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting.

We also rode further this week than ever before in my life. Biked a marathon, don’t even worry. From Nan Liao to Xian Shan train station and back into town, almost up to the Science park. Somebody Google Map that for me and see how many miles it really is, please. Thanks! Totally worth it, because we finally got to meet with the greatest family ever. They’re a member referral and pretty much the most legit people in the world. The dad is my favorite, reminds me of my dad. πŸ˜€ Really smart, loves life, open to learning new things, wants to sort out where truth really is, etc.

If I had to sum up this week, it’d probably go something like this: I’m exhausted. But it’s totally worth it! Everyone should go on a mission — not only do you get to see the hand of God at work in people’s lives… but you lose weight like crazy. Lost four pounds last week. Pretty sure it’s on the road to Nan Liao somewhere, hahah!

Much love!

Sister Oler


2 thoughts on “Cookies and Canadians.

  1. Pat Vilbaum says:

    Ok Where do I sign up for my mission. Maybe then I could lose some weight. But I dfon’t think they have old people ride bikes! Oh well, guess I’ll have to keep trying to lose the old fashioned way of not eating so much – and I guess I could get s little more exercise and it would help!
    Sister Oler, it sounds like another good week. Your comments and thoughts on why things happen the way they do on your mission have given me some things to think about too. Keep up the good work and keep baking! and biking!
    Love Sister Vilbaum

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