Moves day…. but you can’t tell!

Yes. Today is Banjia Tian! And while the entire mission is up in arms and getting whisked across the country, Dai Jiemei and I are takin’ it easy on the West Coast still. In other news, we should have a new Mission President next week. Weird, right? But not really. Like most big changes in the upper-eschelons… the workers on the factory floor are barely influenced. Work continues, faith brings miracles, people’s lives change… awesome!

I just scanned my planner, at a loss for what actually happened this week… and it hit me. We had a typhoon! Aaah! Tuesday night I got to see the most incredible lightning storm of my life! Wednesday morning our favorite members and investigators were blowin’ up our phone, telling us not to go outside today because of the Typhoon. Who needs the Weather Channel? I have an army of Amahs. 😀 We still got out the door and wandered our way to District Meeting. If you live in Houston, you know this feeling. It’s that slightly frenetic rush to buy stuff you already have, but you want to make sure you have enough of. Because last time this happened, you went two weeks without power. Completely different feeling across all of XinZhu.

District meeting was good, a few missionaries are going home this transfer and it was good to hear their testimonies, etc. Then, I saw a guy I recognized pull into the parking lot. I ran out to see if he needed help. He was okay, but as we finished up District Meeting, he asked if me and my companion could share a bit about the Book of Mormon with his friend. I was taken aback at first… because I’d seen this friend of his a few times and she felt like a member. Apparently not! So we sat down with her right then, had a lesson and invited her to investigate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She’s incredible and perhaps the most prepared member referral I’ve ever met.

That night at English Class, we had four students. No one that is normally there, but that night they all needed to be there together. So, inspite of the Typhoon and work and school being shut down for the day, five people sat around a church building in XinZhu discussing the eternal nature of families and the possibility of Eternity. It was incredible. There are no words. The truth has been restored and the Holy Ghost testifies of it daily in my life. Those moments are precious and being a part of that experience here in XinZhu is priceless.

The next night was exchanges and perhaps the most entertaining lesson on the Ten Commandments of my life. With my favorite investigator in front of me, my favorite peike by my side, I took a step back and realized what a missionary’s job really is: to make that initially connection, to get things moving. Then, if we’ve done our job right, we can just step back and watch as people come closer to God. And who is by their side when we can’t be? Church members living in their vicinity. This is the pattern God established. It works. And it’s awesome.

After exchanges were over, I got my favorite companion back and we headed out to Nan Liao to the Dragon Boat Festival. Found some ridiculously fun and prepared people… including a German exchange student I’ve managed to run into four times in the last three weeks. Coincidence? I think not. And he knows it now. He’s headed back to Germany next week to look up the missionaries in his hometown.

So yes. The point. God knows what He’s doing. Sometimes He just needs you to be seen. Sometimes He just needs you to be a warm body in the room. And sometimes He needs you to hit the pavement. You’ve gotta rely on revelation and your brain to sort out when and where and what you need to be doing. Then ask if that’s right. He’ll let you know. 😀

Much love,

Hua Sheng Jiemei!


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