Well, I’m alive!

Sorry for the delay, going to college will set you back in more than just time. Lisette

This is going to be short… because after responding to all the emails y’all sent me this week and reporting to President on the ridiculous amount of miracles going down in XinZhu, there’s just no time left!! AAAH! That’s okay. Know that I went to Taipei to see a specialist about my knees. All is well, I don’t need surgery, and thanks to some new exercises and some magical tape there’s no pain in my knees. 😀 Win!

Other than that, the work here has been moving forward all on it’s own. While that’s a good sign, you might wonder why it had to work on it’s own… well, Thursday night Dai Jiemei started getting sick. So the rest of the week was kind of a wash. My companion put it aptly in her letter to President:

But it gave us a chance to see how much our members are involved in our lives. The day Li Jiemie got her knees looked at, we got about a billion phone calls asking about how it went and when I got sick people were giving us all kinds of things to boil and special ways to blow your nose that are good for your health and I was so touched. I know the love here is mutual.
And yes. Today we’re going to take a relaxing Pday at a member’s house and watch Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2. Can’t get much better than that, can you?

Much love from XinZhu,

Hua Sheng Jiemei


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