100 Years and the 100 Meter Sprint

She needs to send more photos. This is Usain Bolt winning the 100 meter dash. I figured it was appropriate. –Lisette

Well, Brothers and Sisters…. if Sister Missionaries’ lives are measured 10 years to every transfer, I just hit 100. I’m officially an old lady, and I can feel it. My new companion is a Tsai Jiemei from Pleasant View, UT and she’s on her 5th transfer. So far she is a gem, and she probably will be for the rest of her life. I think she feels a little overwhelmed with the size of the area, and everything being in Chinese (thank you, Sister Wang!). But she’s taking it in stride — every free second she has, she’s memorizing words from Phase 2 or practicing how to write our investigator’s names. Every night, when we come home she breathlessly reports everything she remembers from that day — including routes we take to and from member’s houses, their names and family situation, and which investigator’s they are friends with. She’s really throwing herself into it and I’m excited about going out the door with her every day. πŸ˜€

In an effort to take all the information about XinZhu that’s just floating around in my head and make it useful…. Sister Wang and I made a “referral board” in addition to the “investigator board” we have… and I realized there are at least 25 people who are contacted referrals, but not investigators yet. This is what we’ve decided to focus on — because they really just need love and care and attention for maybe a week and they’ll become investigators with baptismal dates and start receiving blessings we’ve talked about and they’ve expressed they want. For example, we were riding to an investigator’s house last night when she called and asked if we could come an hour later. We said sure, but as I hung up the phone, I realized our back up plan was all the way across town. We’d just passed the Elders, contacting on the street. I looked around and realized we were right around the corner from a recently returned less active’s house whose husband is not a member. We said a prayer and I felt good about taking the Elder’s over there because they’d never met that family before. Called her and she was so excited to have us over. Called the Elders and set up an appointment with her and her family that night at 8pm. The Elder’s prepared a spiritual message for FHE about God as our Loving Heavenly Father. 8pm arrived and we had a blast! The dad, someone who originally was not really open to the church, was loving every minute of it and when we asked him how he felt about family he sound like he was quoting Family Proclamation…. so we asked him if he’d be willing to meet with the Elders and begin really investigating the church. He was completely willing, and when we told him about his daughter participating in the Primary program next week he was thrilled. The Elders set up with him for next week and he’s committed to come to church next week. Awesome!!

And as an early Christmas gift to myself, God helped me find my missing memory card… which has everything on it from this time last year. It’s been fun going down memory lane, but it’s time to get back to work! I’ll have more adventures to report next week. We have the coolest district ever and we’re all committed to run our hardest until the end. πŸ˜€

Love you all!!

Sister Oler


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