Another Week, Another Miracle

Life is busy right now. Apologies on the tardiness of this. –Lisette

Really great things going on this week!!

We had an investigator who has been meeting with missionaries for almost a year, had all the lessons three times while I’ve been in XinZhu, and has almost read the entire Book of Mormon finally come to church on Sunday!! We’re not sure what changed… I’ve personally prayed about dropping her three times over the last six months, but each time God gave me a big fat “No!” And last week she had to cancel our appointment because of a work meeting, but she said, “I’ll see you at church on Sunday.” I made her say it three times to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood. Sunday came and there she was! In a skirt and everything! After church I saw her for a minute and she was beaming — she loved it and will be back next week. Wow. This week we’ll see if she can set a baptismal date for this month and get her all those wonderful blessings! 😀

Another lady — member referral from a couple weeks ago — told us last night that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and got an answer. It’s true!! As she was sharing her testimony, she let slip that last year when the missionaries started meeting with her she was listening too much to what other people were saying and not relying on her relationship with God for real answers. She’s incredibly humble, 60 years old, and has a baptismal date for the end of November. Last year, her husband (a member’s older brother) passed away, and the funeral was held in our chapel in XinZhu.

Finding miracle of my life is simply this: all four of our new investigators this week were from member referrals! One is a woman from mainland China who has been going to all kinds of different churches to find relief. She told her friend later (we met in their house for lunch) that meeting with us was the first time she really felt the love of God. I was in tears. 😀 That’s what it’s all about people — sharing the love.

And somewhere along the line, I was convinced praying for patience was a good thing. I’m here to testify it’s not…. so many little things in the last few days have been really frustrating. But as I was riding my bike through the cold and the wind and the rain this morning, I heard an incredibly distinct voice: you prayed for this, Sister Oler. I’m only trying to help you. So quit complaining and learn from what’s in front of you.” …. Got that message, loud and clear. 😉

Love you all!! Going to the Temple today!! When’s the last time you went?

Sister Oler


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