Is this what it feels like to be 110 years old?

In my memory, there are really on two things that happened this week: 1) nursing a massive ear infection 2) a two-day conference. While it sounds like the dullest week of anyone’s life, let alone a missionary in Taiwan it was perhaps the most spirit-filled and most productive week of my companion and I’s life. 😀 A tangible shift was made this week and one that was only made possible because I was out of commission. What’s the shift? My companion is now ready to be in XinZhu without me…. and XinZhu is ready for me to go. I remember my trainer saying she could feel “the mantle passing” and I keep coming back to that descriptor. There’s no other way to say it. It’s not sad… actually, it’s the opposite. It’s exciting to see the rising generation come into themselves and be able to run faster and work smarter than the rest of us old-fogies. 😀

So, here’s a toast to all the missionaries headed home this transfer: don’t get hung up on this being “your” area. It’s the Lord’s area and He’s planned it this way. Spend your last three weeks making sure your companion has all the tools necessary to be better than you ever were. 😀 Takes humility and patience, but you can do it. Promise!

*hug* See you in three!

Sister Oler


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