The Very Last One

A few things:

1. The next post (if I can remember how to do it) will be a slideshow of photos from her mission including ones she sent me last night. They most likely won’t be in order because I don’t remember what order she sent them to me in.

2. The post after that will be a guest post by ME! So technically this post (the one below) is Vanessa’s last post.


Well… next time you hear from me, I’ll be just a regular person.

I thought about sending some big “this is the secret to missionary work” or “this is what I learned on my mission” summary report… but then I realized my mission isn’t over yet! Yes. 😀 So, that really profound-type email will have to wait.

But other than that, I don’t think I have too much to report. The work is plugging along, progressing by leaps and bounds. My companion is incredible. In the last three weeks, I’ve seen her take on seemingly unsurmountable odds and come through with flying colors. She’s really come into her own and I love sitting back and watching her just go. Yesterday at church, she was flitting about taking care of people and setting up appointments and getting referrals right and left while I was just posing for pictures. 😀 When she first arrived in Xinzhu, she was an overwhelmed little missionary. Now she’s single-handedly running the most difficult area for Sisters in the whole mission. That’s my girl!

I spoke in church yesterday, three times. In two Wards, I was a scheduled speaker. I cried.

…. There’s, I think, too many emotions to really put into words. Especially these last few weeks. I’m spending as much time enjoying it and living it as possible… and figure I can write about it later.

Just know that I know the Gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and is the best way to know who God is and feel His love in your life. Obeying commandments brings blessings and helps us progress toward perfection. Relying on Christ’s Atonement every day is necessary to living a full and balanced life, one with hope and happiness. I love Taiwan and I’m eternally grateful God gave me a second chance a life — and saved all these incredible miracles for a time that I was prepared to appreciate them.

Study the Doctrine. Trust the Spirit.


Sister Oler


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