Today is the national day of Taiwan…. Taiwan’s birthday more or less. It’s strange to think this time last year I was at the XinZhu Stake Family Outing Activity, with Sister Wang as a companion. Elder M wasn’t even my district leader yet…. o.0 Even stranger, however, is where I am now. Getting back into blogging is on my mind, fueled by offers from a couple different magazines and start ups to write for them. No decisions yet, and certainly no direction for this blog yet. But in an effort to bridge the gap, here’s two lists of 10: Since February 1, 2013:

  1. received and accepted a job offer– full-time, salary, benefits, management position
  2. spear-headed a meeting between my company and a government agency with the potential to put us out of business
  3. got a hefty raise…. more than once 😀 And business cards. Legit.
  4. went turkey hunting for the first time in my life, came back with a 4-inch Jake and a 10-inch Tom
  5. spent a weekend in Vegas with a couple of my favorite people, welcomed home my favorite District Leader
  6. bought a new car — hatchback, graphite, six-speed manual
  7. reconnected with my parents’ students from China — a 26 year endeavor
  8. designed and implemented an SOP for a 100+ employee company, trained all employees
  9. shared the gospel with my boss and her family
  10. went to New York with the two most stylish men I know and relaxed for the first time

Before February 1, 2014:

  1. will oversee the transition between legal teams for my company, a multi-million dollar proceeding
  2. will move into a 3,000 sqft house of my own (visitors welcome!)
  3. will eat real American turkey for Thanksgiving (a first in two years!)
  4. will write the family Christmas card in Chinese for all Taiwanese friends
  5. will drive to Austin to pick up my fabulous little sister and her roommates
  6. will visit my very dear friend and help her forget the trauma currently overwhelming her life
  7. will begin transferring to the University of Houston to finish my BS in Communications
  8. will buy airplane tickets for trips to Las Vegas, Utah, Taiwan, and maybe (just maybe!) Maryland
  9. will bind my mission emails into a book of memories
  10. will strive to apply in my daily life all the things God taught me as a missionary

What a crazy life…. 😀   V.


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