Stupor of Thought….? #ldsWomen

Three weeks ago I got spun up again over Ordain Women. I took over someone else’s Facebook feed with a ridiculously long and thorough opinion… that did not answer the original question posed. Ha! As is usual with hotly debated topics on Facebook. At that point, I dis-embargoed myself from relgious/political blogging and began sketching out a 10-part series on the Priesthood in relation to LDS women.

Two and a half weeks ago, I finished Sheri Dew’s book “Women and the Priesthood.” Chapter Six. Then Chapter Five. Read them.

Two weeks ago, I attended the General Women’s Meeting and was starkly reminded that “the Priesthood” has become a cultural catch-all phrase for about six widely ranging concepts, powers, and groups of people. It dawned on me the root of the recent issues in the church could be solved with a good reading from Webster.

A week and a half ago, I boarded plane to Utah for the first time in four years. I met with a friend of mine from BYU and after successfully skirting the issue all day, I finally asked her thoughts. I’m so grateful that she trusted my ability to listen enough to really open up and share with me her feelings, even though she knew they countered my own.

Last weekend, I scrapped all plans I had for blogging about the Priesthood. There was simply nothing left to say after Sheri Dew and Dallin H. Oaks. I told a reporter outside the Conference Center: “Any woman not sure of her position in the church needs to take those feelings to God. He will — through revelation and the Scriptures — show her how much He loves her and how important she is to Him. There is nothing a woman can’t do in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

This week, it’s still on my mind. No matter how I try, I can’t shake the need to discuss this entire issue. However, I’ve come to a realization: this is not about me proving Ordain Women wrong. Quite the opposite — it’s about studying and discussing the doctrine. This is an aspect of our Mormon culture that has been lost over time. Women and men, as covenant-making children of God need to be always asking questions. And seeking answers. [Let’s be clear — marching around the Tabernacle  like it’s the walls of Jericho is NOT the way to ask a question nor get an answer. Lookin’ at you, Kate. ]

Today, we’ve come full circle….. and I’m back to blogging about religion. And we’re going to start at the beginning, with Adam and Eve…..


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