On Ordain Women

Let’s clear the air on a few things straight away:

1) I am an active, temple-recommend-carrying member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m also a Returned Missionary, a Reformed Sinner, a Seminary Teacher, and a Mission Prep Teacher. I throw myself into Singles Ward every once in a while, but mostly I try to avoid awkward situations…. so I attend my family ward.

2) I’m a Texan. I’m blunt. Recently, I was called “loud and irritating.” This is not news to me. Unfortunately, that rubs lots of people the wrong way. I’m working on it, I promise. So if I come off as prideful, abrasive, crass, or rude, don’t waste your time telling me. Throw your opinion and your research down, I promise to give everything a fair shot.

3) I make clear distinctions between The Gospel (which is true), The Church (which is imperfect), and The Culture (which is an abomination). Never confuse the three. 99% of people’s so called doctrinal squabbles are actually thinly disguised issues with The Church and it’s imperfect people or The Culture which should never have been allowed to develop (green jello…. really? I rest my case).

4) I support a healthy line of questions, doubts, concerns, even fears and anxieties about doctrine and policy. It is only by asking ¬†questions that we receive answers. Look at Joseph Smith — we wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t gotten on his knees and asked. What I do not support are undocumented answers. If you think a prophet said it, go figure that out before you quote it at me. And, of course, I will do the same. I also promise to clearly label my opinion, speculation, or conclusion drawn from personal revelation as such.

5) That being said, I do NOT support the organization Ordain Women. I believe Margaret Toscano is at the heart of it and not to be trusted. I do believe there are many wonderful, faithful women who want, need, even long for a forum where questions about their roles in The Gospel, The Church, and The Culture can be asked, discussed, and answered without repercussion. To those women, I say, I support you. Please, please, please be careful with anything Toscano says, writes, encourages you to do. You are blessed with the gift of discernment and are an agent unto yourself. I will not tell you what to do, but I make my stance on her clear in hopes that you will be able to make well-informed decisions.

6) I don’t know everything nor will I ever profess to. These next several posts are designed as an insight into my “personal study” as I delve into The Priesthood. If you think I’ve overlooked something, please chime in! This is an open forum, where all can be Twice Fed.

Okay…. let’s get started.



The Priesthood

This seems to be the hot topic of the century since I’ve returned from the news-free zone of a full-time mission. Somewhere, it’s value as a topic worthy of intense scripture study and personal reflection is getting lost in all the yammering about feminism and knocking on doors twice a year on a Saturday night.

My opinions about the Mormon Feminist movement and Ordain Women are strong and already on Facebook if you know where to look. I’m sure they will show up here as well. So as a reminder and a disclaimer: this is a blog. This is my blog. In these next few posts, I hope to have a public personal study if you will and the topic is The Priesthood: A Woman’s Role. Sources will be cited, but extrapolated opinion and belief are mine and mine alone. They do not represent official stances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I hope we can foster discussion and further individual study of The Priesthood, furthering personal revelation received on the matter. The comment field is a great place for this. However, I reserve the right to delete, ignore, and wholly dismiss comments I don’t like. Remember, this is my blog. If you don’t like it — don’t read it! ¬†It’s just that simple.