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Stalking or Research? Pros and Cons of Mission Blogs

Confession: I’ve read only two books since I received my call. Short ones and we’ll get to them later. Really, my nights and days are chock-a-block full of blogs. Mission blogs. Travel blogs. Expat blogs. I’ve arrived at only one conclusion: there is entirely too much information available at the click of a button.

In one night I found the current Taipei Mission AP’s blog, a couple sisters serving in Hong Kong, a few anti-rants, and an expat’s guide to night markets. Feverishly and religiously are the only two adjectives that come close to describing how I plowed through their entries. Apparently, I’m much more a consumer of blogs than a creator…. *shifty eyes*

This went on for about a month… until I reached a series of conclusions. At that point, the blog addiction ceased. I’d found what I’d been looking for: the secret to a “good” mission:

  • you will only get out of a mission what you put into it
  • no matter how much you fight it, you will change
  • under no circumstances will you  like every single one of your companions

Now, the application of what I’ve just learned is still TBD, but I can at least sleep at night. Thanks U2.

And Al Gore.


Ps– Did not provide links to missionary blogs for privacy reasons. If you want ’em go find ’em. 😉